Kristof Nils Anderson was founding winemaker for 18 years at Gargiulo Vineyards (Oakville AVA). Working in concert with vineyard managers Laurie Wood & Mark Neal, Kristof was the founding winemaker for the Booth Family Vineyards of Belle & Barney Rhodes in Rutherford AVA. He was participating winemaker for the coveted Oakville Winegrowers Cuvee (2011-13 blends) and is known for his stylistic contributions to the world-renowned Oakville, Napa Valley, AVA. Kristof is founding winemaker & partner of natural wine phenom Scribe Winery in Carneros, as well.

Kristof has enjoyed a pleasure unique among winemakers in that he has made wine from estate vineyards that he designed, developed & planted in concert with vineyard managers, in addition to overseeing winery planning & construction. Recent consulting clients include Robinson Family Vineyards in the Stags Leap District and Carlo and Dante Mondavi’s award-winning label RAEN. 

He and his wife Jennifer started the PELLA Cabernet label in 2002. Their radical vision was extended aging before release, cellaring their vineyard designate Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon for optimal drinkability.

On Terroir...

"The taste of blood. That’s how Kristof Anderson describes the saline, minerally tang that the red, volcanic soils of East Oakville give to Cabernet Sauvignon."

--Wine Enthusiast, 9/26/11 

"I had an 'are you kidding me?' moment. You can, too...we are lucky to have Joel Aiken, an expert in Rutherford terroir, on our tasting panel. Joel spent 27 years as BV's winemaker, and he agrees this wine is precisely what a supremely well-made Rutherford Cabernet should be."

--Daniel Pressey, President, Wine Country Connection5/29/22

"The Cabernet Sauvignons from Pella contain Rutherford fruit from the Star Vineyard and are a glimpse into a rare time-capsule from the mid-2000s. Unfortunately, winemaker Kristof Anderson only produced a handful of vintages. Still, those he created are a spectacular example of what perfectly-aged, high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon can become over time. The 2007 vintage begins with a nose including concentrated black cherry juice, ground espresso, dried sage, dark chocolate, crushed granite, iron, and elegant florals. A very concentrated, compact palate follows, with penetrating red fruits and deep, supple black fruits that combine black tea, blackberries, and red currants, along with an immense amount of complexity. The complex flavors and aromas form waves of intensity that wash over your palate, then recede, evolving in a way that few wines do. The finish is unexpectedly long and ultimately satisfying, with poise, elegance, grace, and intensity that leave you wanting more and more."

97 Points

--Kevin M. Vogt, Master Sommelier, 7/30/22