Kristof Nils Anderson Wines

Napa, California

PELLA Cabernet Sauvignon  Rutherford, Napa Valley 

 “The Fiver” 2003-2007 Vertical


Four barrels were handcrafted each year from 100% Cabernet Sauvignon fruit, from the renowned Star Vineyard, in the Rutherford appellation. Star Vineyard was founded in 1978 by Reg Oliver and Ric Forman and farmed by Dave Abreu. Each vintage spent two years in oak, using the (then) newly-offered Tonnellerie Demptos Barrique Reserve French oak barrel, since recognized for its maturing excellence due to its exceptionally fine grain. 


Winemaker’s Tasting Notes

(2003):  Currently our favorite vintage to drink, the 2003 PELLA exhibits a rare youth & vitality for a California wine of its age, with many years left to cellar. The wine may benefit from decanting. Color is a deep, inky plum, with a nose of incense, black olives, and sweet mahogany wood. A balanced, silky wine with bright, juicy acids & dense berry flavors, PELLA Cabernet opens like a peacock’s tail--aromatics of cedar & redwood harmonizing with ripe black fig, black licorice, anise, crème de menthe, burnt sugar & resinous herbs--and finishes with luscious, creamy caramel on the palate. The result is a sophisticated and chic Cabernet in its prime--savory, powerful & elegant. (tasted 11/9/21)

(2004):  The 2004 PELLA is drinking impeccably, a powerful, dense wine with many years ahead to cellar, yet a velvety softness, balance, & length that beckon enjoyment now. Bright acidity & notes of dark juicy fig expand upon flavors of salted black licorice, rosemary, black olive, coffee with cream, & sweet tobacco, with inviting aromatics of sandalwood, ripe briar patch, & menthol, as the wine uncoils in the glass. The 2003-05 vintages in particular are currently exhibiting the archetypal “Rutherford dust” tannin structure, not a drying tannin so much as a pleasing wet clay, like a freshly thrown earthen pot on the potter’s wheel, and the mouthfeel is dense, juicy & nicely structured. (tasted 10/22/21)

(2005):  The 2005 PELLA displays the expected profile of power, olfactory complexity & balance of our wines, and can be savored now or cellared for years to come. The ‘05 exhibits a dense, black fruit color in the glass, juicy, mouthwatering boysenberry flavors, and a lingering, silken finish. One is reminded of chewing on a fresh rose petal, in the way tannins, acids & fresh sweetness interplay, a hallmark of Kristof’s winemaking style. As with all vintages, the multifaceted, lengthy evolution of flavors in the palate demands something from the drinker: cognition, full & present awareness & attention.

(2006):  The 2006 PELLA might be described as the “ripest” of the vintages, ink-dark in color, with pronounced aromatics of honeycomb, sweet tobacco, & cedar. A rich, velvety, dense wine with gripping tannin, as opposed to the more claylike tannins of the 3 prior vintages, the ‘06 benefits from decanting. Recently, we observed this wine change over the course of an hour; an initial softness & subtlety opened to complex juicy plum, cassis, raspberry, black tea, & dried mushroom flavors in an elegant, balanced, powerful wine with wave upon wave of beautiful & intellectually-engaging flavor. (tasted 10/26/21)

(2007):  The 2007 PELLA cries out in “The Fiver” vertical as the “youngest” wine, still tightly-coiled and mouthwateringly acidic, yet with a long flavor arc from soft and creamy to increasingly complex and powerful. Intense aromatics of espresso, tobacco leaves, menthol, and fresh, lively, herbaceous forest floor. A polished, silky wine with complex layers of bright cranberry, dried porcini, cream, black coffee, dark chocolate, umami, and anise, the ‘07 vintage entices the drinker to sip with awe. Enjoy now or cellar for years to come. (tasted 9/29/21)

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